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lordsofwarhammer > Star Odyssey > Chapter 868: Lu Yin Vs. Hong Ying
Hong Ying held her crimson spear aloft as she emerged. She calmly looked at Lu Yin and then at Yan Hua. “Petty tricks.”

Yan Hua held his sword hilt tightly. His figure flashed forward, followed by the sound of booming thunder. His entire being had transformed into a blade that sharply stabbed forward. This was his most powerful attack: Thunder Strike.

Hong Ying snorted, and she did not even bother using her imprint. Her spear tip fiercely jabbed forward and pierced through the void to collide against Yan Hua’s Thunder Strike. There was a tremendous crash reminiscent of lightning crashing into a wall and rebounding back. Yan Hua’s sword body instantly crumbled apart, but in contrast, Hong Ying’s spear penetrated through the lightning and went on to stab at Yan Hua’s neck without any hesitation.

Everyone was overwhelmed, as the difference between the two was simply too great.

Just as the spear tip was about to stab into Yan Hua’s neck, another hand pierced deep into the lightning as one finger tapped out. There was a bang as the spear ran into an overwhelming strength that forcefully redirected its strike into the ground.

The ground was rent asunder by the spear tip, and the underground city collapsed. The power of the spear seemed to burrow over ten thousand kilometers through the earth, and the fissure even extended into space.

The execution grounds fell completely silent as everyone stared on, petrified at what they had just witnessed.

Hong Ying gripped her spear tightly as her lips curled upwards, though she did not seem too surprised. She then slowly turned to face Lu Yin. “Who are you?”

Yan Hua panted heavily as he stared at the person who had just blocked the attack that had nearly killed him. He also wanted to know who this person was; although there had been a brief introduction when they had met earlier, he had actually not paid much attention.

Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back. “Call me Seventh Bro.”

Lu Yin’s voice was not loud, but it reverberated through the sky above the execution ground. Everyone stared at him in awe, as he had just parried Hong Ying’s spear.

Alfonso grew excited, as this was indeed his Senior. This person was actually able to block Hong Ying’s spear!

That middle-aged man was also shocked; this person was actually this powerful?

Hai Qiqi reminded Alfonso, “Aren’t we leaving?”

Alfonso said, “But what about Senior?”

“Just leave him alone. He’ll be fine,” Hai Qiqi nonchalantly replied. She was quite familiar with Lu Yin’s strength. Even if people did not have to suppress their power levels to under 200,000 due to the cosmic phenomenon, she did not believe that Lu Yin would be in danger. He was just too cunning.

“You can go first. Leave this to me,” Lu Yin said softly.

Yan Hua swallowed his saliva. “Sure?”

“Go,” Lu Yin replied.

Yan Hua gave Lu Yin a long look before turning to leave.

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland wanted to

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