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lordsofwarhammer > The Spearmaster and the Black Cat > Chapter 301 – Contact and Princess
Chapter 301 - Contact and Princess

“Are you the spearmaster?”, asks the handsome man with a somewhat high-pitched and hoarse voice

His hair is swept back all the way, he has long eyelashes, and jet-black eyes. The black mantle draped over his body suits him well. It appears he owns Demonic Eyes, but what draws my attention even more than his eyes is the circlet on his forehead. That thing’s out of the ordinary, containing a huge amount of mana.

The decoration in the center of the circlet looks like some griffon, or a falcon.

He looks fairly strong.

“…I am, but why are you asking?”

『Your Excellency, the circlet on his forehead is similar to the necklace sealing Magit』

『Oh, so it’s sealing something within, as expected, huh?』


Helme confirms my suspicions. And even the people behind and next to him…they’re observing me.

There’s a guy clad in a set of steel armor. His head is covered by an iron mask. I can’t tell his expression, but the face’s shape seems rather decent.

Mana dwells in the three eyes of the catwoman. No clue whether those are Demonic Eyes, but she’s probably using some kind of ability. Because of the bulging chest armor, it’s obvious that she’s a woman. Still, is she measuring the combat distance? She’s got the aura of a martial artist as she faintly shifts her feet.

The guy who’s fully covered in armor…also has a slightly different way of walking than the others. It doesn’t merely stem from the armor weighing down on him, but also from him being well versed in martial arts.

Thereupon, the guy in their middle speaks up again, “…My name is Galroh. I’d like to have a short chat with you. Could I have you come with me?”

Galroh-san, eh?

“Please wait a moment.”

Looking back, I let my eyes wander across my bloodkin and the members of Remains of the Moon.

“Nn, against it.”

Not only is Eva against it, she even releases a faint layer of her violet mana on the ground in front of her, apparently thirsting for battle.

Galroh, the catwoman and the armored guy openly show their wariness of the mana creeping across the ground like a shadow, stepping back once, then twice.

“I don’t really mind.” Yui agrees, but places her left hand on the leather wrapping decorating the hilt of Fierce God - Spirit Wind, grasping the scabbard’s cord.

She hasn’t activated her Eyes of Baycala, but from her stance…she makes her intent of being able to draw her magic katana at any moment pretty clear.

“Guildmaster, please decide yourself.”

“Master, is it okay for me to bring out the simple golem?”

“If we’re going to fight, I’ll skewer ’em with my blood swords.”

Mel, Mysty, and Veronica seem to be eager for battle, too. Mysty and Veronica nod at each other.

“Master, they’re a dark guild. Although they’ve been abiding to this being neutral ground since we’re in the middle of the auction, it’s still just a verbal promise. It might be a trap

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